Friday, August 28, 2009

Here I go again...

I think I’ll give it a second go. The last I “blogged”, I was a teenager. My posts consisted of angst-ridden pieces of rhyming lyrics. Things that went something like the following (formatting preserved):
“don't restrict me, don't try to hold me down
don't try to preach to me, i'm not comin round

lemme outta this cage, let me be me
it's suffocating to follow, whateva u decree

u tell me wt my priorities should be, don't u know i had no choices given
i'm dodging insanity now, but i guess to u that's just another sin”

Yeah I would’ve made a good lyricist for Avril Lavigne back then! Hell back then, I wouldn’t have ended the previous sentence with an exclamation point. It's funny though, how certain things change with time and others remain just the same. That’s how you learn the meaning of the word timeless. My old Avril collection is lost somewhere, gathering dust most likely. But John Denver is still on my playlist and probably still would be when I’m an old hag yelling at kids for making too much noise in the playground.

So why a new blog...what's new? First, I don't rhyme sentences quite as much as I used to. I’m older. I would like to believe that that translates to “I’m more mature now.” But I’m not entirely sure if that’s the case. In fact, I've been told by way too many people, I lose a little bit of my sanity with each passing day (Which BTW reminds me, I need new friends!). However, one thing that I’m sure of, is that the “cage”, referenced in the tasteful piece of poetry up there, and the people who had caged me, seem just as dysfunctional to me now as they did then. The big difference is that now I find it all adorably funny. Yes, now I can laugh at all the absurd eccentricities of my family. Most importantly, I can laugh at who I was five years ago. Five years down the line, I’ll be laughing at who I am today. At least I hope I’ll be. ‘Cause... isn’t that what life’s about? Laughter. Everything good is born of it - happiness, joy, love, good health - everything. So here’s hoping that I can come back here and laugh my *** off some day. A toast to my first blog as an adult!

P.S.:As a sign of things to come, I leave you with this motivational quote...

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  1. dropped in again :)....good post...good post-mortem.....its 2010...write some more!